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GPass Software allows you to protect your identity during web surfing,
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GPass is a Web anonymizer for Windows computers. It allows you to remain completely anonymous by creating tunnels that your applications can use to access the Internet. The tunnels are probably SSH tunnels, because the computer does not join a VPN when you fire up the application. In fact, from within the application, you can configure individual applications to work with the tunnels created by GPass. Thus, if you are using the tunnel to access sites that restrict your IP, you can simply tell GPass to enable a tunnel for your default web browser. You can easily add applications to the tunnels from the Applications tab on the left of the window. You can even double click those applications that have already been added and launch them, or set the default web browser to be launched whenever you open GPass.

Unlike other similar solutions out there, GPass does not install anything on your computer, it is a portable app. You can pair it with a portable version of Firefox to create an ultimate privacy tool. Also, the application allows you to selectively delete traces of GPass from the system and delete (clear) your browsing history.

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